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Night Swim Coffee

Lazy River Decaf

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PRODUCER: Promotura Cafe de Altura and Halo Hartume

VARIETALS: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia, Ethiopian Landraces

PROCESSING: Washed and Natural

COUNTRY: Narino, Colombia and Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

We Taste: Berry Compote, Vanilla, Graham Cracker

Decaffeinated coffee is interesting. For a large portion of coffee drinkers, coffee is primarily a caffeine delivery vehicle. However, there is a large swath of folks that only drink decaf, or consume it very regularly. If that’s you - we think you’re really important. You drink coffee for the flavor, not the caffeine. So then, why is it so difficult to find truly tasty, decaffeinated coffee?

This is a blend of two ethyl acetate decaf coffees, a washed and a natural. We've featured both of these decafs as standalone's on our menu previously. We loved both of their profiles and figured they'd be even better blended together!

The result of this decaffeination is a remarkably clear and sweet cup. We have found that EA decafs typically exhibit the lightest processing footprint and yield higher cup scores. We’re very excited to offer this sun dried EA decaf from Yirgacheffe and a washed EA decaf from Cauca and cannot wait for you to try.This isn't just good decaf, it's fantastic coffee all around. We're tasting savory sweet compote, vanilla, brown sugar, and graham crackers.