Night Swim Coffee was born in Charlotte, North Carolina as the centerpiece of a unified venture for Not Just Coffee and Undercurrent Coffee to create a specialty coffee roaster in Charlotte. Miracle and James Yoder along with Erin and Todd Huber, long-time friends turned business partners, shared a common vision for the future of their companies and decided they could do more good together than apart.

Having been an integral part in the foundation of Charlotte's coffee culture, this new venture seeks to contribute to the ever-growing coffee community and the community at large. We understand the privilege afforded us by guests, farmers, exporters, importers, and the many other essential parts of coffee’s supply chain.

Service Meets Excellence

Our Cafes

In our cafes, Night Swim Coffee offers the same thoughtfully prepared food and beverages, attention to detail, and hospitable atmosphere that is enjoyed in the legacy Not Just Coffee and Undercurrent Coffee cafes, but in a setting designed in a collaborative effort across the team to create a unique experience at every location.

Connecting to origins

Our Roasting

Night Swim Coffee houses its roasting operations in Charlotte alongside an in-house cafe which together with the roastery serves as the epicenter of our concept. The facility highlights state-of-the art equipment and training that provides high quality and sustainable experiences to our guests.

  • Our Name

    In deciding on a name for this collaborative venture, we chose Night Swim Coffee to embody nostalgia, invoke feelings of excitement, adventure, and presence that are central to the experience that we seek to create, both in our cafes or simply when our coffee is consumed!

  • Our Coffee

    Night Swim Coffee strives to narrate our coffees, honoring the places they come from and the people that dedicate their lives to producing them. Both of our blends, espresso and filter, base their composition on balance. Each blend serves a different purpose and is therefore balanced in a particular way. The selected blend components and the composition are curated with an eye towards seasonal availability and ease of access. Blended coffees, both at the farm level and roasting level, are essential for coffee's survival in the coming years. This is also why we center our menu around blends. We are excited and proud to share these coffees with the world, and find them to be really easy to enjoy and brew regardless of your taste preferences!


    The idea of our Single-Origin menu offerings is pretty simple. These selections allow us to showcase and share the particular coffees and coffee growers that excite us the most. This part of the menu is a perfect space to highlight various processing methods, fermentation techniques, coffee varieties, and flavor profiles. Single-Origin coffees are centered around seasonality. Just like any other agricultural product, fresh coffee is the best coffee, so we work with our importing partners to make sure our offerings are delicious and at peak freshness.

We hope that we can share in life’s adventure with you, and
that our passion will play a part in elevating yours.