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Night Swim Coffee

Jairo Arcila - EF2 Java *Limited Release*

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PRODUCER: Jairo Arcila at Santa Monica

LOCATION: Armenia, Quindio, Colombia



PROCESSING: Extended Fermentation Natural

We Taste: Cherry Limeade, Strawberry Jam, Malted Chocolate, Floral

Please give a warm welcome to the first Limited Release from Night Swim Coffee! We’re delighted to share this unbelievable expression of quality and care. A masterclass in processing, the work Cofinet and Jairo Arcila’s team have done at Santa Monica and La Pradera produced a very balanced, sweet, and clear encapsulation of the best characteristics of the Java variety.

Java, like all coffee, originated in Ethiopia and made its way around the world via colonialism. According to World Coffee Research, Java was taken from Ethiopia in the early 19th century, it made its way around the world - from Cameroon to Costa Rica, and eventually Panama and the rest of Latin America. Panama officially recognized it as a coffee variety in 2016 and its popularity has bloomed since.

These seeds were grown at one of Jairo Arcila’s farms in Quindio, Colombia and cared for by his team at Santa Monica. It was exposed to a dry aerobic fermentation for 24 hours before being placed inside Grainpro bags for 50 hours at a temperature below 71 degree Fahrenheit. Then, the whole cherries were placed on raised beds to dry until they reached 11% moisture content. 

We cupped this coffee when we visited our friends at Cofinet in December and it stood out among 20 coffees of similar rare varieties and experimental processing methods. We loved it because this coffee reminded us of childhood memories and nostalgic flavors that timewarped us to the late 90s. We loved Jairo’s Java so much that we decided to share it with the whole coffee industry at the SCA Coffee Expo in Chicago in April. We brewed it in a few different ways and got to tell the story of Jairo’s farms and Cofinet’s journey to equitably and excellently grow, process, and provide fantastic coffees to the world.

And now - we’d like to share it with you.

Take this limited opportunity to join us in enjoying the remarkable sundried Java varietal from Quindio, Colombia. This coffee is complex, sweet, and really satisfying to enjoy as it cools over the course of thirty minutes. We think you’ll find your childhood in it’s limeade-like acidity, sweet and sticky strawberry frutiness, and a syrupy, lingering, chocolate-y mouth feel. Take a trip to Armenia with us through your cup!