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Producer Spotlight: Ronaldo and Valentina

Introducing Ronaldo and Valentina from Boyaca, Colombia!

You've probably seen these two rockstar coffee professionals and producer's name over the last couple of years at Night Swim. Both Valentina and Ronaldo are coffee two former baristas who turned into entrepreneurs. Together they produce, export and run a coffee roasting business based out Boyacá, Colombia called Disruptiva Coffee! Featuring their coffee is always an immense privilege for us and we took some time this week to sit down with them to chat about life and coffee!

Why They Chose Coffee?

Ronaldo was born into a coffee farming family, so coffee chose him in a lot of ways. After high school, Ronaldo saw young people working in a cafe and decided that he wanted to learn to become a barista!

Valentina was inspired and passionate about the people that made up the coffee community. She saw an opportunity to be creative, share coffees, and be kind to other people.

Amidst their barista journeys, Ronaldo and Valentina eventually met and connected through their shared love for coffee. They began participating in competitions, creating their own coffee roasting brand Disruptiva Coffee, and working on Ronaldo’s family farm. Their unique passions for people and coffee continue to fuel their success in the industry today! 

Both Valentina and Ronaldo are passionate about the connections can be created with people through coffee!

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