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Night Swim Coffee

La Reserva - Lactic Honey Chiroso

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ALTITUDE: 1800-2700



Tasting Notes: Bubble Gum, Green Jolly Rancher, Pie Crust

In this coffee from La Reserva, you’ll experience a Honey processed coffee with a Lactic anaerobic fermentation. Honeyed coffees are processed somewhere in between a washed and a natural with some fruit and mucilage left on the seed while it ferments and dries. Honey processed coffees are thought to provide the best of both worlds and offer a flavor profile with enhanced fruit and body, but with a clean sweetness and aftertaste reminiscent of a washed coffee. 

Lactic anaerobic fermentation takes the typical anaerobic fermentation and adds a lil’ twist. Only the cherries with the highest sugar content are sorted and selected for this fermentation, sealed in tanks, and monitored closely. Throughout the fermentation, the producer keeps a close eye on temperature, oxygen, and pH levels in order to produce as much Lactobacillus as possible. Lactobacillus takes carbohydrates and sugars and turns them into lactic acid. Once the targeted pH level is reached, the coffee is soaked in clean water to halt the growth of lactobacillus and laid on raised beds to dry. By providing an environment tuned to produce as much lactic acid as possible, we are gifted with a final cup exhibiting a thick, creamy mouth-feel brightened by intense tropical fruit.

The other oddity of this offering is its variety. Just like apples or grapes, coffee is not all one-in-the-same. This variety is a genetic mutation of Caturra and Bourbon. In 2014, the Chiroso variety rose to fame in Urrao, Antioquia, Columbia when Carmen Montoya won Colombia’s Cup of Excellence competition with this variety. She named it “Chiroso” as the leaves of the tree looked quite different than what she was expecting. For the most part, the plant looks very similar to the Caturra variety, but the seeds of the fruit are elongated, similar to Bourbon. Our importing partners consider this variety a sort of Gesha 2.0 - providing a delicate, floral, and distinctly fruit-forward cup.