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Night Swim Coffee

La Casona - Finca Santa Cruz

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ALTITUDE: 1360-1750



Tasting Notes: Plum, Floral Honey, Baking Spices

Finca Santa Cruz is an exciting place for us. This year, we’ve featured a lot from Pepe in our espresso blend, Ultraviolet, and offered a naturally processed single-origin coffee, El Triunfo. Now, we’re roasting El Triunfo’s sister lot, La Casona. La Casona has the same varietal make-up, but is processed via washing instead of being sun-dried.

Coffees from Finca Santa Cruz have truly been highlights of the year for us. Mexican specialty coffee largely gets a bad wrap but we think that more people should be savvy to all that Mexico has to offer. Run by the innovative Pepé Arguello, Finca Santa Cruz is already achieving widespread notoriety in just its third year running. Pepe has won COE Mexico for the last two years. He was willing to sell in the auction market but wanted to build something deeper, especially with the rest of his product (just as excellent, but at a more accessible quality tier), mostly made up of Bourbon, Typica, Yellow Caturra, and some Gesha.

Pepé’s father was a well-known producer in Chiapas, and when Pepé purchased Finca Santa Cruz, he decided to build the business around specialty. With land at 1700 masl on the Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, his farming practices reflect his desire for a more precise, agronomically advanced, and conservation-focused approach: he harvests cherry according to Brix (measuring the sugar content of the fruit), ferments according to pH (the actual acidity of the fermentation), and generally seeks experimentation, growth, and collaboration. The area is biodiverse, filled with native Inga trees that also provide shade, allowing the coffee to grow in harmony with the surrounding reserve rather than in conflict with it. Pepe’s goal is to slowly increase production as well as quality and gain wider international recognition. We’re excited to partner with Pepe and can’t wait to invest heavily in this relationship.

La Casona sings of sweet honey, ripe plum, and baking spices. We’re excited to continue our partnership with Finca Santa Cruz and can’t wait to share this beautiful coffee with all of you.