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Night Swim Coffee

Blue Orchid - Sumatra

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PRODUCER: Yudi Sautra

LOCATION: Humbang, Hasundutan Regency, Sumatra

ALTITUDE: 1500-1700 MASL

VARIETY: Ateng, Timtim

PROCESSES: Semi-Washed

Tasting Notes: Lychee, Golden Raisin, Heath Bar

Typically we expect specialty grade coffees to come from mountainous regions along the equator. Brazil, Colombia, Honduras, and Ethiopia rank among the largest coffee producing countries in the world, but I think people would be surprised to know that both Vietnam and Indonesia are #2 and #4 on that list. Connecting people to the places where coffee comes from, our core effort at Night Swim, provides us some unique opportunities to tell the stories of all kinds of coffee, not just ones we’re familiar with or are currently popular in the US market.

Over the next few months, we’ll begin highlighting coffees from China, El Salvador, Tanzania, Bolivia and this beautiful coffee from Indonesia. You can find coffees from these regions roasted by great roasters around the globe, but they’re new to Night Swim. I think a lot of coffee drinkers are probably really unfamiliar with coffees from Asia, and as we started thinking about how we wanted to focus our coffee menu for the upcoming months, we were simply excited to drink coffees that we don’t interact with very often.

This is a semi-washed or “wet-hulled” coffee from Sumatra, Indonesia. It’s fruity-sweet, tropical, and finishes like one of our favorite candy bars. We’re thrilled to offer this first installment in our initiative to highlight underrepresented coffee growing regions!