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Night Swim Coffee

Aurora - Mensur Abahika Natural

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PRODUCER: Mensur Abahika

LOCATION: Kota Kebele, Jimma, Ethiopia




We Taste: Berries & Cream, Oolong Tea, Orange Blossom

Say hello to our featured coffee offering for the holidays! Many of you may be more familiar with this coffee than you might think. Mensur’s coffee is a component of our espresso blend, Ultraviolet. We’ve been partnered with Osito, Mensur, and his wife Nesru since we started roasting coffee two years ago. We thought that this special time of year is a perfect opportunity to showcase Mensur’s hard work and delicious coffee.

Mensur Abahika was the first single producer that Osito purchased coffee from in Ethiopia, four harvests ago. Mensur is a key component of the Tokuma Farmer Group. The Tokuma group is acollective of farmers in Western Ethiopia who have organized to market and export their coffees together and share knowledge with each other that allows them to each improve quality.

We’ve committed to purchasing coffees from Mensur and Nesru’s farm indefinitely on a year-over-year basis. These coffees are fundamental to our coffee menu, so it’s a no-brainer to take this opportunity to put Mensur’s work on a pedestal for all to enjoy.